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On March 12th, 2004, Kauai Mayor Bryan Baptiste presented a proclamation, declaring the day to be "Starla Marie Day." It was a fitting recognition that honored one of the island's most talented residents, who has been modeling and performing on stage since the age of four. Since that great day, Starla Marie - actress, singer, songwriter, model, and producer - has only continued to build upon what was then an already impressive resume, by continuing to grow in the changing landscape of the music industry.

Starla started her professional music career with numerous independent releases in Hawai'i and then worldwide. Her work extends through Asia, across the Pacific, and in Europe, where she earned a #1 spot on France's hit net radio and broadcast station, "Soul Clap." After releasing her R&B solo debut self-titled CD, "Starla Marie," she toured and promoted her album across the Pacific, Korea and Japan. One of Starla's hit songs and videos, "Handle Your Business," is currently licensed in the very popular game, "Dance Dance Revolution 2." The entire album is licensed on PlayStation, cell phone ringtones, and Tetris on X-Box. Over the years Starla's musical performances have been extensive and have demonstrated her range of talents. She performed at numerous venues and parties in Hawai'i - as a solo artist, and as part of a duo, a trio, and a five piece band - which included "Mayor Mufi Hannemann's Birthday Party Celebration." At the "Ho'olaulea Waikiki," she performed with her band as the closing act. She went on a singing tour throughout Asia to promote her self-titled album, "Starla Marie," where she conducted numerous radio interviews, appearances, while performing in over 25 shows. On the NCL Pride of America cruise ship, she performed as the lead vocalist with a five piece band for their New Year's Party. She was the featured recording artist at the Pipeline Cafe where she appeared as their main act. She performed at the cast and crew party for the television series, "Lost," as well as the "Won Mai Tai Rumble Battle of the Bands Competition." She performed with her cousin, Glenn Medeiros, at the Hale Koa Hotel's New Year's Show, singing multiple duets with him along with belting out 19 solo songs. She is an exceptional actress who has appeared in three independent feature films. In the comedy, "Juniper Lane," she plays Sari Sonen, one of four young persons who attend a neighborhood board meeting comprised of retirees, to contest the construction of another streetlight that will only bring more traffic congestion; turning the usual rubber stamp agenda into a chaotic mess of misstatements and faux pas. In another comedy, "World Buffet," she plays Jackie Douglas, a YouTube commentator who, along with the program's host, suggests that the members of a U.N. committee appointed to put on the world's biggest pot luck, is actually a sinister group that is dedicated to promoting a societal takeover by the New World Order. In the crime drama, "Closing Costs," she plays Alyssa Tom, a nightclub hopping woman who tells the police of her encounter with a man who propositions her on the dance floor, who is later discovered to be a sexual predator. In addition, three of her songs, "Anytime," "Fallen," and "Tell Me," appear on the soundtrack of the feature film, "Parts Of The Same Circle." Whether as a singer, a songwriter, or actress, Starla Marie is a talented, passionate performer who is committed to growing as an artist, and whose best work is yet to come.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: Eric Nemoto

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